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Nautical staff
Cruise Line
The LNG Crew Officer Specialist is part of the on board MSC Cruises Crea as First Engine Officer. In charge for operating the whole LNG system and related gas auxiliary system, the LNG Crew Officer Specialist is the top advisor of the Chief Engineer concerning all matters related to the use of gas, including environmental impact of any operation and in particular all matter related to LNG bunkering. Thanks to a deep knowledge of any rule, document, risk-analysis studies, drawings associated to LNG and Gas use onboard, the LNG Crew Officer Specialist is personally responsible of the gas detection system, testing and maintenance. Moreover, this position on board represents the principal advisor and approver for any maintenance operation to LNG and Gas system during dry-dock or at sea, in case LNG or Gas safety sensitive areas are involved.

Ensures that the various LNG systems and related ancillaries (Compressors, Nitrogen generators, GCU, Glycol system ,GVU…) on board the LNG fuelled MSC Cruises ships are operated, maintained, and repaired.

Liaises with the LNG Superintendent for the operability of the LNG system and the application of the Company instructions (MSC Procedures, SMS,…)

Explains all the instructions/procedures related to the LNG system to the other crew members and could act as LNG Trainer.

Available to operate at any time onboard, even out of the regular shift, to intervene and solve issues related to LNG system or for Gas safety sensitive matters. For such purpose, a necessary information reporting of the LNG system is available in his/her cabin, granting an instant view of the LNG system situation.

Ensures that a full history of the LNG system situation is constantly recorded and is able to consult it for detailed analysis of any event may occur.

In charge for LNG bunkering, inverting, gas freeing, tanks warming and aerating operations.

QUALIFICATIONS (skills, competencies, experience)
Fluent English language knowledge. Italian language knowledge is a plus.

2 years experience in LNG-fuelled vessel construction or, alternatively, 3 years of LNG/LPG tanker (or potentially offshore) yard experience as yard member or shipowner representative being involved in the gas system installation or 5 years in MSC as first Engine officer .

Advanced STCW certificate for gas-fuelled vessels certificate.

Perfect knowledge and understanding of any aspect of the LNG bunkering for MSC LNG Cruise ships.

Risk Analysis methodology knowledge.

Exhaustive knowledge and understanding of LNG related documentation of and rules/regulations related to gas-fuelled ships.

Proficient use of the Microsoft Office suite and basic knowledge of CAD.

Availability to work long hours, under pressure and overtime when required.

USA VISA, if held.