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The Housekeeping Manager is the person responsible for the daily operations of the Housekeeping Department, ensuring that all Housekeeping Personnel carry out their assignments and providing the highest standard of cleanliness, disinfection and service to Guests in all accommodation, public and crew areas.

Ensure that the daily operations of the Housekeeping Department are carried out efficiently and in compliance with the Company Safety and Public Health requirements.
Implement the Standard Procedures and ensure they are respected for all the operations in the Housekeeping Department.
Ensure the highest standard of cleanliness, disinfection and service to Guests in all accommodations and public areas and to Crew in crew areas.Conduct training meetings with all Housekeeping Personnel based on MSC Standards, reviewing procedures, problems and comments highlighted in the most recent Comment Forms.
Provide detailed training on the use of cleaning chemicals, protective clothing and equipment assigned to the Housekeeping department.
Ensure all Personnel knows where to find and how to read the Material Data Safety Sheets relating to chemicals used in their duties, understands and responds to accidents that may be caused by these chemicals and/or equipment.
Effectively direct, support, train, develop and evaluate the Housekeeping team, identifying opportunities.
Administer absolute equality in assessments, promotions and positioning, regardless of race, gender, origin, gender orientation, religion, or family connections.

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