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Cruise Director
Cruise Line
The Cruise Consultant is in charge for selling future cruise bookings and planning itineraries for guests currently cruising on board the vessel.Moreover, FCC must be in tune with various sales policies and procedures that relates to our business relationship with travel agents and other distribution channels. This role establishes and supports a positive working environment and focuses on sales, ratings, monthly revenue targets, customer service, and operational goals where training, leadership, development are paramount. The FCC is expected to be one of the ship's driving advocates for delivering outstanding Customer Service and Sales Results.

• Actively seeks out potential future Guests in order to determine which itinerary, vessel, stateroom, experience, category, travel dates and financial consideration are required for their booking;

• Promotes sales by initiating calls, acting on leads and/or prospects;

• Promotes and sells future cruises in order to achieve monthly revenue targets (sales objectives);

• Manages all new bookings, coordinating all actions with the travel agent and the local country contact center;

• Prints Guest confirmation and collects deposit payments;

• Provides reports (tracking activity) to the Corporate Team and Hotel Director of his/her ship.

QUALIFICATIONS (skills, competencies, experience)
• Fluent English, oral and written and at least 2 additional European languages (Italian, Portuguese, German, Spanish and French);

• One to two years’ experience in a sales driven role with customer care aspects;

• Strong sales orientation;

• Excellent communication and customer care skills;

• High School certificate;

• Previous experience on a Cruise ship is an advantage;

• Proficient use of Microsoft Office and Publisher;

• Knowledge of Fidelio Cruise System is an advantage.

• VISA working permit, Entry and/or Transit VISAs may be required depending on ship itinerary